Why SEM Products Are The Answer

Ridding Products of Pathogens

The most cost effective means of ridding pathogens from the world's supply of beef, poultry and eggs is to eliminate them before they get to the processing plants

ATP, Inc. Evidence

Inasmuch as certain products of ATP, Inc. have already shown serious evidence of being able to do exactly that, appropriate in-vivo and in-vitro scientific studies have been and are continuing to be conducted.

Mold Inhibitor

ATP's SEM products are currently being successfully marketed as effective feed mold inhibitors.  They are also non-corrosive, which provides an additional benefit to producers and feed suppliers.

Pathogen Elimination

Producers who are using ATP SEM products as feed mold inhibitors are experiencing evidence of pathogen elimination which has resulted in significantly increased yields and lowered production and processing costs. "Recent laboratory studies and observations by owners and supervisory personnel in both broiler and egg production units, have shown that SEM can act to prevent the colonization of Salmonella and Escherichia coli, and perhaps other potential poultry pathogens, in broilers and laying hens.”

A poultry consultant states, "...the SEM products show to have a much wider scope of effectiveness (beyond curbing or inhibiting mold in feed) in... eliminating other dreaded microorganisms such as E. coli and Salmonella."

"These products could have an astronomical economic effect on the (production and) processing industry...  If the microorganisms are eliminated at the farm, then there should be no contamination in the processing plants."

An animal nutritionist comments, "Field tests have (been) conducted for five years on SEM-Pak with excellent results in controlling and eliminating E. coli and Salmonella.  I am excited about the future for this product in the livestock industry."

Yet another expert says "The product (SEM-Liquid) to date has been sold on the basis of a "mold inhibitor" ... However,... it is my conclusion that the product could well fit into other, even more profitable, programs that are critical to the success or failure of the poultry, beef and swine areas.

These include:

a.  Elimination of Salmonella in meat processed...for human consumption.       Consumer acceptance of meat is dependent upon elimination (not just reduction) of Salmonella and/or E. coli in processed meat.

b.  Efficacy of SEM-Liquid in reducing the effects of Colibacillosis (an E. coli debilitating disease).  The disease causes some $200 million annually in performance reductions and related costs.”

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